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Writing an effective dissertation


Dissertation is primarily a zenith of higher level degree such as Masters of PhD. It presents the research and knowledge of students. Students are required to have in-depth knowledge about the dissertation writing in order to get their dissertation approved. There are some important contents to be considered while writing a dissertation. To assist the students, the contents are presented below.

1)      Proper structure is what makes a dissertation appealing; making the reader gets attracted to read the dissertation and putting an impressive influence on the reader. Therefore the structure of the dissertation is the first most important thing that should be considered while writing a dissertation.

2)      An effective dissertation should contain the following

Title Page:-A title page consisting of dissertation title, student`s name, field of study, institution or department name and the year.

Table of contents:-A table of contents showing list of chapters, main headings, sub-headings along with page numbers.

Acknowledgments:-Acknowledgment consists of an appreciation and recognition to the other contributors and helpers.

Abstract:-Abstract contains of few paragraphs demonstrating the summary of the dissertation.

Introduction:-Introduction includes problem, significance, summary of existing work and the questions related to research.

Definitions:-Definitions contain all the new terminologies and definition, to help the reader understand the meaning of the complicated terms used in the dissertation.

Literature review:-Literature review contains information regarding a particular topic which has previously been conducted by other researchers.

Methodology:-Mythology defines the mean, through which the objective of the research can be achieved.

Result and findings:-Result and findings contain all the outcomes achieved from the research including surveys, interview, questionnaires or experiments.

Analysis and discussion:-Discussion and analysis discusses the findings within the literature review.

Conclusion:-Conclusion adds up all the significant points with possibilities of future research regarding the subject.

Appendix:-Appendix consists of information regarding the charts, graph, letters, interviews, case study or questionnaires.